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Baby Masala” the Queen of spices as the household name among the millions today, Mr. A. Balasubiramanian, He founded BABY MASALA COMPANY in 1979, Now Mr. B.Muthukumar, Son of the founder maintains this organization Baby Masala has become a household name because of its excellent quality products and at the same time catering to the common man at prices affordable by him. The product range is so wide and backed up by quality products that no household can afford to Baby Masala products from kitchen. The success of the brand “Baby Masala” may be attributed to meet the demand of consumer from all walks of life at affordable price.
Rasam Powder
How to Use
Fry mustard, curryleaves, corrianderleaves, chopped tomatoes in edible oil. Add 4 cups of water, required tamarind, salt and 3 teaspoon of baby rasam powder (15 gm) heat the contents for 5 min's.Tasty baby rasam is ready now.
Our Products
Sambar & Rasam Powder
Curry & Chicken Masala
Cumin & Idli Chilly Powder
Chilli & Mutton Masala
Pepper & Tumeric Powder
Corriander & Fennel Powder
Sampar Powder
How to Use
Boil 100 gm of dhal. Add required vegetables, salt, tamarind & 3 teaspoon (25 gm) baby sambar powder and boil for 15 min's. Fry mustard, curryleaves, corianderleaves, chopped onion & mix with it. Tasty baby sambar is ready to serve.
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